Specialty Pharma

Inspiration & Innovation

Bora Pharmaceuticals is a leading global provider of formulation development and drug product manufacturing for specialty pharma industries worldwide. We have expertise in oral solid, semi-solid and liquids dosage form manufacturing, solvent processing and management of controlled substances, and we can help with you pharma drug products from formulation development to regulatory approval and from prototype manufacturing to commercialization. Bora provides flexible development and commercial solutions customized for the clients.

Bora has a dedicated R&D facility and highly skilled R&D team where we focus on customization and flexibility to meet our customer needs. Our team utilizes small scale development capabilities down to kilo scale, and together with our expertise from Technical Support and Regulatory teams; we are exceled in technical transfer to move the product from small-scale prototype or pilot batch to large scale pivotal or commercial manufacturing in our GMP manufacturing facility.

Bora also has a strong project management team who will assist you throughout the project execution to facilitate your products from molecules to the final pharmaceutical products.

Specialty Pharma Manufacturing