Formulation with flexibility

Commitment to High Quality

Formulation development

We’re proud to achieve excellent standards for our partners.

Bora's formulation development team provides support for a wide range of projects from early stage New Chemical Entities (NCE) to generic products, with a focus on oral solid dosage forms.

We help accelerate your molecule's development through clinical trials and onto commercial batch manufacturing.

Our development team focuses on shortening your project timeline by achieving desired formulation characteristics with high quality and robust services including:

  • Pre-formulation
  • Excipient and API compatibility assessment
  • Physicochemical testing
  • Formulation screening
  • Formulation scale-up and accelerated stability studies
Formulation Development

Scale-up and GMP manufacturing

Bora's formulation development team also provides raw material selection, scale-up and GMP clinical and commercial batch manufacturing.

  • Delivery technologies: sustained, pulsed, modified and delayed release products
  • Advanced formulation:
    .Tablets - coated, matrix, bi-layered and mini-tablets
  • .Capsules - combination fillings with up to three components such as powders, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets in a single capsule
  •     Semi-solid - scale up equipment 2.5Kg to 125Kg, small scale tube filing
  •     Liquid- small scale 10L to 600L scale and semi manual small scale bottle filling