Packaging & Serialization

Bora has packaging facilities to package sachets, blisters, tablets, capsules bottles (glass and plastic), intranasal sprays bottles, and tubes (aluminum, plastic and laminate). The areas are divided between primary and secondary packaging areas. The Primary packaging areas are designed to meet ISO Class 8 for finished products. The intranasal primary area is ISO Class 7. These packaging areas, gowning areas and support rooms are physically separated and an airflow and pressurization system is used to pressurize as appropriate, this controls dust migration and prevents cross contamination.

Serialization Bottle Packaging Line

Bora Packaging Lines are designed for bottle packaging of oral solids, tube packaging of semi-solids and liquid dose products.The temperature and humidity in these areas is controlled as agreed dependent on the facility.

CDMO Warehouse Temperature Humidity Control


The Optel TrackSafe non-serialized mode/serialized mode and aggregation have been validated. The Optel TrackSafe allows the serialization/aggregation of bottles/ cases/ pallets and registers serialization information for product traceability.

Bora Mississauga and Zhunan are also adding Level 4 serialization system to our packaging lines and will be capable of generating own serial numbers for all the packaged products.

Optel Vision System